2014 Pond Tour

2014 Pond Tour Success
The Pond Tour took place on September 20th, 2014. Ten ponds were featured this year!

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Veterinarian Claire Grosset, DVM to speak at November meeting

Join us on November 23rd at Georgia's home in Lincoln. Dr. Grosset will talk about antibiotics in Koi. Guests are always welcome.

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Build Your Dream Pond

Come to our monthly meetings and learn about building your pond



Informative Articles

Get answers about Koi Health, Water and Pond Construction.



2014 Holiday Celebration

The annual celebration is at Thunder Valley on Deceber 7 ...

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Member's Ponds

See some of our member's ponds. We are proud to display their ponds and share their experiences...

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Monthly Meeting

The next CKC meeting is Sunday, November 23. Guests are always welcome to our meetings. Bring a chair and a camera.

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