2017 Activities

Sacramento Koi Show - September 2-3, 2017

The Sacramento Koi Show is back! Koi hobbyists from all over will bring their Koi to Sacramento to show their prized koi. The Camellia Koi Club invites you to come see these beautiful fish.

Download the 2017 CKC Brochure

Download the 2017 Koi Show Vendor Packet

Download the 2017 Koi Show Entrant Packet

2017 Pond Tour

The CKC Pond Tour in May was a big success. Thanks to everyone that came and supported our efforts. We hope you enjoyed visiting the ponds and talking to folks about their project and your project.

Our 2017 Pond Tour Sponsors

We would like to thank our 2017 Pond Tour Sponsors. When you support our sponsors you also support the efforts of the Camellia Koi Club. We are pleased to have their support and partnership. Mention the Camellia Koi Club when you purchase from them or use their services.

Koi Enterprise
Sacramento Koi
Ultra Balance Premium Koi Food
Strictly Toy-Ondas
GeorgiaAnn Vonk - Century 21
High Hand Nursery
Pottery World
Golden Pond Water Plants
CM Ponds & Stuff (email)
Granite Bay Koi (email)
Koi Select USA
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Allied Printing

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